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„The first start-up in my life, garage project completely and absolutely: everything staked on one card, real toil, a lot of development and clear vision at the same time. From the very beginning we have been driven by thirst for perfection, beauty, purity – for unique shisha experience! We do our best for you to enjoy shisha smoking as much as we do.”

Jiří Starý

„During my design studies, I found by coincidence, a market niché in the water pipes segment. I really enjoyed to further develop and shift the centuries old tradition and context in an original and previously unutilized way. 10years ago we founded Meduse, that became pioneer of contemporary shisha culture and cultivate this scene till now. The smoking revolution just began.“

Jakub Lanča


Meduse Story

Meduse was founded in 2005 in the Czech Republic. With launching the first collection called “Craft” we laid the foundation stone of the worldwide trend – a new category of shisha pipes was born – design shisha pipe.

Thanks to the unique design, huge amount of hand work and precise work focusing on the smallest of details Meduse shisha pipes belong to the absolute top class to be found and smoked from in whole shisha world. We ourselves carry out all stages in the processing of our unique shisha pipes - from the graphics and industrial design, through development and prototyping to the manufacture and finally distribution including the complete shisha catering service. Our greatest innovation is in work with a glass corpus. This glass corpus, the heart of a shisha pipe, hand-made of the Bohemian glass is a beautiful example of the perfect connection of art and functionality.

Moreover, its position at the eye level enables you to watch comfortably the processes inside a pipe when smoking. Meduse pipes were the first shisha pipes in the modern history to be served with fruit cocktails inside their glass corpus. We again were part of history – the birth of another growing world trend – adding fresh fruit to a pipe by which you can modify or influence the final taste and the aesthetic experience from your smoking. Furthermore all Meduse shisha pipes can be equipped with different light modules that transform our pipes into magical light objects which makes the smoking an unforgettable experience. Those who have already had the opportunity to try out our shisha pipes served by shisha sommeliers trained by us know now the taste of Meduse shisha experience.

Unique shisha experience | since 2005
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