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The sensation of smoking a shisha pipe. Top service performed by professional shisha sommeliers. Innovative shisha gastronomy and original stylish movables in Meduse design morphology.


They dramatically enhance the shisha smoking delight and elevate it to the level of a gastronomic experience. The tobacco blend itself is a balanced mix of various flavours and is richer than the classic “single flavour”. However, the fruit cocktail, consisting of fresh fruits, herbs, spices, syrups and other ingredients, influences the resulting taste significantly and moves it to a new level. Moreover, the shape of the shishas enables the waiting staff to work with cocktail design in sophisticated ways, and to create both juicy flavour variations and breath-taking visual effects.


Most of the cocktail recipes have resulted from long-term development in the Meduse laboratory. With each upcoming season, we bring new trends and recipes that we consult with experienced bartenders and shisha gourmets.


All shisha sommeliers that represent Meduse with our partners or at events for private customers go through both theoretical and practical shisha academy training. After successful completion of the course, they receive the Meduse certificate.


These certified professionals guarantee compliance with rules and sophisticated shisha preparation procedures, as well as the certainty that they will be able to provide the client with knowledgeable information concerning shisha culture.


The sensation of smoking a shisha pipe by Meduse is enhanced by its setting. This is one of the reasons why Meduse develops stylish VIP tents that allow shisha smoking in complete privacy.

Unique shisha experience | since 2005
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